Mei Alucinor Vohnkar was put to sleep 3.8.21

Mei Alucinor Vohnkar was put to sleep 3.8.21

Mei Alucinor Willow Ufgood aka Conan, can be followed on Instagram #sivsvendsen

Mei Alucinor Meegosh is registered with endorsement because of PPM and CRD
Mei Alucinor Madmartigan has a "hint" of PPM on one eye, this will most likely dissapear as he grows.
The three others was eyetested CLEAR.

Mei Alucinor Elora Danan has an extra vertebra. It was discovered when she was exrayed after some pain from playing to rough. So, she would be diagnosed with LTV4.
(To determinate if a dog has or has not the LTV it needs to be radiographed. The body length, angle of pelvis, hock angulation or something else in dog’s presence do not give any indication of how the sacrum is formed. Even a dog with 8 lumbosacral vertebras has exactly the same total amount of vertebras as a dog with 7 lumbosacral vertebras. It’s just that one lumbosacral vertebra has taken the form from another vertebra.)

DNA results are in:
MA Willow Ufgood - CEA Carrier, PL 0/0, HD C
MA Meegosh - CEA Carrier
MA Vohnkar - CEA Clear
MA Elora Danan - CEA Carrier
MA Madmartigan - CEA Clear

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