5. okt, 2022

So - a little update

Now the Stranger Things puppies are already 6 weeks old. 
they are growing nice and are quite a handfull at times. 
They are very quick and playfull, some are also very cuddly. 
We have had a lot of visitors during the last three weeks. It's so good for the puppies to meet new people. They have already been on their first car-trip. This went fine, a bit crying in the start, but soon they were asleep. 
Next week it's time for their healthcheck and shots.
They  wil also have a PAT.
Then, the week after, they are ready to move to their new homes. 

Sometimes when people contact us and wondering if they can get a pup, they ask if we breed acording to the Norwegian breedclubs standard. The short answer is: No, we don't. We do however, breed after the Swedish breed clubs' standard since we are members, and of course NKK's ethical terms. 
We are not members of the Norwegian breed club.*
We recommend our puppybuyers (and other owners of the LH here in Norway) to become member of their local dog club. There they can get discount on courses, get cuzstomized offers and basicly get more for their money. 

Pr now, Kennel Mei Alucinor supports Lancashire Heeler Norge, an interest organization for the breed that shares updated info, gives support and help. Unfortunatelly, it's not a club registered under NKK (yet), but we at Kennel Mei Alucinor hope that they will become mebers under the Norwegian Kennel Club because of the important information they share about the breed, and also their knowledge both about the LH and also about dogs in general. 

*There's a lot of reasons to why we have decided not to support the Norwegian breed club. It doesn't mean that we don't health-check our dogs, because we sure do. It doesn't mean that our dogs are worse than the breeders that are members of the Norwegian breeder club. 
We have chose not to support them because we don't like the way they treat members, the lack of info they give and they way they are "caring" for the breed. 

We have also noticed that they are using Lancashire Heeler Norge as part of their logo at their homepage. LHN was formed before NLHK and have had an active Facebook page a while before NLHK got their status as a club. A bit strange ...

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