14. sep, 2022

Stranger Things

On August 23, 5 puppies were born here at Mei Alucinor. 
Two males and three bitches. 

Mys had a very easy birth. 
We went to bed as usual on the 22.8, slept until Mys woke me up at 4 o'clock. She was then shivering a bit, so I understood that something was going on. I got up with her, let her out, put her in the puppybin and sat with her. 
At 5.08, the first puppy was born. 
At 6.20, she was done. All five were out.

As last time, Mys is a very good mother. 

The puppies are now 3 week old. They are walking very well, eating a lot and after sleep, they move away from their bed to "do their business". They have also started to show some personality, and it will be fun to follow up and see if it will change during the next weeks. 

Del denne siden