31. jul, 2022

An update

On July 30, Mei Alucinor Gilbert Blythe aka Chaos was shown for judge Pirjo Aaltonen at Drøbak hundeklubbs show. He got Very Good and the judge had this to say about him: 
"masculine male, needs more training, exc body, rouch back, exc coat, a bit narrow front, typ lines of head, a bit loose lips and a bit light eyes, exc coat, moves well in rear, a bit narrow in front, a bit loose albues, moves well from side"

The only thing I don't agree with here, is the light eyes. He's got pretty nice color of his eyes. But, it was a sunny day, and the two bitches that was show also got comments on their eye color. 

I think his owner Jorunn did a great job showing him. They have trained a lot, that's easy to see. And, Chaos is a very happy dog :-) 

I'm so lucky that I can follow "my puppies" on Facebook, Insta and Snap Chat. I love to see pictures and films of them. So thank you to my puppybuyers for sharing <3

Adél wrote this on her FB page today: 

I need to write it-whoever said that this dog is aggressive doesn't understand dogs or this breed and it's a blatant lie. In the time I've her, she hasn't shown a single hint of aggression or dominance against people. On the contrary-she is friendlyg to everybody.She is great to people,to children,also to dogs.She is great,she is funny,she is the best friend for every fun and situation.I love her <3.

(Adèl is the owner of Mei Alucinor Alex Karev aka Rev and Mei Alucinor Mr Kate Kaplan aka Mister/Mis)

I must say I'm so glad that Adèl wanted to buy Mister. I knew she would get a great home there and live the perfect life. 

Other things happening?
Not much. 

I've decided to retire for a while. Most of you know the reason why. My son and co-owner in the Kennel has taken over the legacy and who knows what his plans are. 

To be honest, I have lost so much joy when it comes to this breed. 
I love my dogs to pieces. 
They are such a great part of my life, but the fun and exitement and joy I had from planning litters, reading pedigrees and comming up with names ...  It's not there anymore. 

I will of corse help my son with litters and planning and pedigrees. 
I will also help good friends with the same.
I'm not sure yet, if I will close down Lancashire Heeler Norway or not. 
Since I'm not active in the breed anymore, but I still think that the breed should have a chance in Norway and I think that proper info is needed, so, at least for a while, I will keep the site running. 

Speaking of helping friends: A very good friend of mine in Sweden is looking for a male pup. 
This dog will live with a family in the countryside in Sweden. It will have a veryg good dog-life, vill be 
occasionally shown, and if usable, be bred from. 

Do you know of any male, please contact me.

I guess that's all for now :-)

Del denne siden