14. des, 2020


Then the litter has been to the vet and had their eyes examened. 
3 is clear (Mei Alucinor Willow Ufgood, Mei Alucinor Vohnkar and Mei Alucinor Elora Danan)
1 has slightly PPM that according to the vet will dissapear as the puppy grows (Mei Alucinor Madmartigan)
1 has PPM iris-iris that is visible with the naked eye and CRD CH, mild (Mei Alucinor Meegosh). This will not in any way be harmful for the dog, it will not have any affect on the sight. I have put an endorcement on him.

I have also decided to not breed from Rada anymore. She's been written over to her co-owner Jeanette. 

Weight of the day: 
Willow: 2,1
Vohnkar/Brownie: 1,8
Meegosh: 1,9
Elora: 1,85
Mad/Marty: 2

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