17. jul, 2020

From FB Challenge

Day 10
I was nominated for the 10 day dog challenge.
Everyday I will select an image from a day in my dog’s life or a strange / proud moment as a dog owner. I will post it without any explanation and at day 10 I will nominate someone to rise to the challenge. That’s 10 days, 10 photos and no explanation.

Today I'm supposed to nominate 10 others to post 1 picture for 10 days. But, I chose not to. 
Hopefully you will post pictures of your lovely dogs with or without explanation.

My 10'th picture is a generation-picture. I chose to give an explanation because the main dog in this picture: Pinex, gave me "the love of my life - male dog" and his wonderful daughter. 

The picture shows the wonderful Pinex (Procordia's 5- MG), his son Webs (Mei Alucinor Richard Webber) and his granddaughter Mys (Mirox Mystique Marronne La Belle).

I am so grateful that I his owner trusted me to have him with me for a week + in the summer 2017.

Faith surely had something to do with this happening, since I was planning to use another male, but then (as now) circumstances led to something else. So who knows, maybe it was faith that played a part now as well, giving me a sign ...

Thank you, Hege, I'm forever grateful <3

Del denne siden