13. mar, 2020

The Blacklist

At 0.25 on the night 13 of March, Rada gave birth to the four members of The Blacklist.
It was an easy birth, the last one arrived at 1.35.
3 boys and 1 girl.

This is a bit of a special litter for me.

In 2010 we got our first Lancashire Heeler. 

This was Parabar Pogo, a little puppy that came all the way from The UK rom Jenny Grant-Parkes to Ellen Brekke at Procordia’s Kennel. 

We were so lucky that we got to have Jadis (as we called her) living with us. 

In 2013, Jadis gave birth to two puppies here at our home: Emma (Procordia’s K9) and 9ro (Procordia’s De9ro).

In 2015, 9ro sired a litter with Marmalade’s Drama Queen. One of these puppies war Perlan.

Perlan gave birth to two puppies in 2017, one of them is Angus (Mirox Idol Le Beau).

Today, he became father to 4 puppies here in Norway.

And this is my circle. Though it’s not (so I hope) ending. So not a complete circle, but still.

So, I now have in my house my first LH’s great great grandchildren. 

Del denne siden