10. aug, 2018

One year ago ...

One year ago, I picked up one of the nicest Lancashire Heelers I have ever know: Pinex.
I was so lucky that his owner Hege sad Yes to let me borrow him for Cruella. 

I picked him up at Hege's job, I just met him once earlier so he didn't know me. But he willingly jumped into my car like we were old buddies. So trustful.

Back home, the meeting with Cruella, Maffe and Bella was like: Ok, you are bitches, you are in heat and has a bit of a temper. I don't care, but I like you ...

And Cruella ...
Well, she really liked him and flirted like she had never flirted before. 

When watchin Pinex with Cruella, Maffe and Bella I was glad I had picked him and very very glad that Hege said Yes to let me use him. Omg what a dog! Even my mother said: Oh wow! He's just marvelous. He's the prettiest heeler I have ever seen. And what a temper! 

And yes, what a temper ...

There he was, a male with three females all wanting his attention. One puppy that he thought was a bit of a pain in the ass, but Cruella, wow, he liked her. But, still, with a bitch in heat, he was so easy to control, and he slept in the bed with all the girls. Just beside Cruella who was in heat. 

The day after I picked him up, I took him to the vet for eye-screening. No fuss at all. He was so cool. The vet just loved him. 

2days after I picked him up, he and Cruella mated once at the camping, and then, 63 days later, they became parents to 5 little liver/tan boys. Unfortunatelly, we had to let Derek Shepard go, but, the four others made our livingroom a very happy place :-)

At birth, we saw that one had his fathers really dark color. It was Richard Webber, and at that moment, we wanted to keep him. But, when having puppies, sometimes one changes once minds. And we did. Because later on we wanted to keep Alex Karev, and even later I wanted to keep Nathan Riggs, but when Anna at Kennel Marmalades said she wanted Nate, well, I was thrilled to let him go to her. And of course, I was proud that one of the best breeders wanted to buy a pup from me. (Ok, I must tell that one other very well known breeder in the UK also was interessted but only in a bitch, but that also made me very proud of my litter.)

Well, Nate went to Finland, Mark Sloan (Markus) went to a lovely couple here in Østfold, Rev I was planning to keep for my self, but, then Adel Dvo was interested, so, he became the first heeler in Chez Republic. And YES, I am very proud of that as well!

So, then it was only Webs left. 
The plan was that he would be living with Marianne and Steinar, who' got Trulte (Mei Alucinor Lady Tremaine) from Cruella's first litter, but since he was such a mummys boy that he made the strangest and sadest sounds when I left the room, I had to tell Mrianne that he would stay with us for the time beeing. It was sad, because I knew that Marianne and Steinar had looked forward to get this little boy home after loosing their dear Molly. 

Luckilly, Johanna at Kennel Midsommers had a boy, 14 days younger than Wes for sale. So, they got little Lurven <3 I think it was ment to bee, because I think Marianne is pretty muh in love with that boy :-)

So, Webs was staying. 
At least for a while. 
Well, a while has now become for ever. 
He's a sweet boy. 
Much fun and much motor. 
He's easy to train.
He's a clever boy.
He's nice looking as well. 
I love him to pieces. 
But right now, he's decided that judges and unknown people are scary!
So, the show tomorrow (11.8) and on Sunday will not happen for this boy. 
I hope he will be ready for Lillehammer next weekend, but I'm not sure. 
The goal is to show him for Susanne Nilsson at the Swedish Heeler special on the 25'th August. 
So, much training before that ...

But, none of this would have happened if Hege hasn't said Yes to let me borrow Pinex. 
I am so so gratful for that. 
I really hope that Webs will be half the "man" that Pinex was. If so, I will be so lucky.

Thank you Hege <3

And yes, as a sad thing, there are still those who thinks mating liver and liver is very wrong. 
Well, if you think so, tell mye WHY!

The yellow dogs: All from black parents!
Sick puppies: NO, not if their parent's isn't. Well, of course, shit happens, even puppies from healthy parents can get sick, but it's not because of the color!
Bad temper: Oh yeah, some breeders have told me that liver dogs has bad temper. At least worse than the black once. Well, I don't think so. At least, no one told Maffe that. Or, Twis, the World Winner 2018. He's liver, and if you can say his temper is bad, I would really like to see the black one with great temper ;-)

Even when proven with DNA that my livers doesn't carrie Dilute, some still have a lot to say about that. In their minds, it's just bad bad bad to mate liver with liver. 

I'm not sure why they think so. 
As I have understood, no one has a good answer to why not breed liver with liver. So, I', starting to belive that there is a bit of envy, since I deared to do a liver/liver combination and they not. Or, they couldn't since they had no livers to use ...
What ever their reason to diss my dogs and my mating is: Have tha balls to tell it straight to my face raher than talk behind my back!

I'm very very proud of mye boys after liver mother and liver father, and I hope they will bring lots of love to their owners in the future. 

Del denne siden