22. jun, 2018

Not much going on right now

It's summer so we take it easy. 

Damien and Webs are training for shows. Not sure yet wich one they will attend at, but some have been decided. 

At the end of August we are going to the Swedish Lancashire Heeler Club's special show. We will be showing Webs and Cruella. 

We are looking for another bitch. This because we have decided that Maffe will not be used in breeding. And, Cruella didn't give us any bitch in her last litter. Maffe will of course stay with us as a pet dog.

A new bitch will be living with a co-owner. We would prefer a bitch that's 1-3 years old, but not easy to find. Healty of course, with a good temper. If you know of any that could be of interest, please contact me. 

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