2. mar, 2018

The last Friday ...

Today is Rev's last Friday here at Kennel Mei Alucinor. Next week we will drive to Gothenburg to meet Adéla who is Rev's new owner. They will then travel together to Chez Republic. 

It will be sad and strange to see my little boy (not that little anymore with 6kg) leave. And even though it will be a bit calmer in our home when he leaves, we will miss him. 

I will miss him sleeping under the duvet with me. 
Miss how he comes and want's to kiss and cuddle. 
Miss his cunning ways to steel things that is not allowed for puppies to steel.
But, I know he will get a good life with Adéla and her family.

Today I also took a very hard decision (conserning dogs that is), but sometimes I have to let the sense win over the sensebility. I'll tell more about that later. 

Now it's only two weeks until Webs' first show. We will attend the Swedish Heelers Special in Vilsta. I just hope we will get the time to train him a bit before we enters the ring, as number 2!

Otherwise, I got some DNA samples back. 
Webs is a carrier for CEA. All the other tests was ok, and the list of health-tests was long as a bad year. 
However, his color DNA is very interesting, and I am so looking forward to the rest of that story. 

Webs is a nice young man. 
A mummy's boy. 
Not that affectionate but he's getting there. And I think when he will be alone with only the girls, he will grow a lot in personality. 
Right now, I'm looking at pictures of him, becaus I want to order a drawing of him as well, to hang on the wall beside the drawing Christin made of Mio, Maffe and Cruella. 

Del denne siden