3. feb, 2018


Today Damien and I drove to Gardermoen Airport to deliver Nate to Anna. 
It was a bit sad, but, I know he'll be allright <3
But, when you have had a pup with you for 16 weeks, they steel a piece of your heart. And Nate is special. He slept on my stomach every night since he learned how to enter my bed. 
He and Webs had a great time at the airport today I think. 
So many people to look at, and then there were some that wanted to say hello to them. And they LOVED it. 
One lady even took pictures of Webs and sent to her parents in Australia. So, now he's famous down under :-p

Now it's only Webs here with the girls. I hope he will grow a bit beeing alone. Nate took very much space and Webs isn't the kind of dog that pushes limits. So, hopefully he will get more comfidence. I'm looking for the perfect "forvert" for him. Not that easy because he is who he is and I might be a bit restrictive when it comes to where he should live. We are having a family over tomorrow. The mother and father have been here before, tomorrow they are bringing their children and I hope it will be a match. Even though he's a mummy's boy, he needs a family all for him self. 

At the airport today, Anna and I were going to get some coffe. Damien sat with the boys. On a benche, there was this elderly lady sleeping with her coat over her. While we were getting our coffe, we heard Webs making a bit of a noice. Anna says to me: I think he will wake up the lady that's sleeping. 
I looked towards the benches, and Yes, the lady was now wide awake. Woken buy the mummy's boy Webs :-)

In February I'll have to pick up Rev from Stord and bring him home, get the last papers for him and then off to Sweden to meet his new owner so she can take him with her to Chez Republic. I think he'll be the first heeler there. 

Del denne siden