16. jan, 2018


So much has happened.

Sloan, now known as Markus, left for his forever home the 18th of December. I think he's got a perfect home and pictures shows I'm right. 

On February 3rd, Nate will leave to Finland where he will live with Anna at Kennel Marmalade.
Rev (Alex Karev) will move to Czech Republic. I think he will be the first heeler there. Rev will be leaving to Stord with Anette on Saturday and stay with her and her family until he leaves to his new home. 
Webs will stay at the kennel, but we are looking for co-owners for him.

In March I'm attendig a few puppy shows with Webs. One will be in Sweden at the Swedish Lancashire Heeler Club's "little" Special-show. And as always I will be at the Easter Show here in Norway. 

And yes, I changed my mind. The plan was to keep Rev at the kennel, but then there's something with Webs that makes me want to keep him instead. 

Del denne siden