20. aug, 2021

Star Wars and Anne With an E

Today Matthew Cuthbert has now moved to his forever home. 
September 1st it's Anne Shirley aka Toby's turn to move to her forever home. 

With the Anne-litter, 4 out of 5 have moved to people who knoow the breed. 
Anne aka Toby will live with another LH in Sweden. 
Gilbert aka Chaos lieves with a couple that lost their beloved LH earlier this year. He lives in Sarpsborg.
Matthew lives with a couple that lost their beloved LH earlier this year. He lives in Vestby.
Marilla lives with a family that lost their beloved LH some time ago. She lives in Sandnes.
Josephine aka Tillie is the only one that lievs with a family that haven't had the breed before, but they have friends in the local dog club that has one, so they know of the breed. She lives in Narvik.

We are quite happy with Cruellas last litter. 
It was a even litter where no one stood out. 
The tan colours on the three bt's are great, especially Josephine/Tillie's. 
Their temper are even, of corse some more outging than the others (Marilla and Anne), and the charmer Gilbert and the two sweathearts Josephine and Matthew. 

We are looking forward to follow this litter.

The Star Wars puppies were not that similar. Tatooine aka Millie and Starkiller Base aka SB were the two that was most similar, both in size and mentality. Tatooine more outgong than SB. They were also very close in weigh both as newborn and later on. Now I think SB has outgrown Tatooine. 

Tatooine/Millie lives with a very nice girl in Oslo and we love watching all the snaps and instagram films of sweet Millie. 

Millie was born with an overbite. 
She had to remove her K9s in the underjaw. The vet decided to remove the upper K9s as well to better be able to adjuste the new teeth. 

Iridonia - the little sweatheart. A very posivite little puppy with a very very sweet face. Her name is now Frigg (named after the Norse godess that was married to Odin). She lives in Trondheim.

Devaron aka Ludde - the little dark brown male with the light eyes. He might look a bit grumpy, but he certanly is not. He's a gentle soul who needs backup from his owners. And, luckilly he found this backup in his family, and in their LH Odin. They live near Gjøvik. 

Starkiller Base aka SB, she's stille here with us. We are not sure if we want to keep her or not. 
I think she's the softest one in this litter. She's so lovely with us, gentle and has a very good language. She went with me and her grandfather Webs on holliday to Sweeden. She spent 112 mil in the car without no problems at all. 

This litter is Damiens first litter. 
He's pretty happy with the outcome of the litter. 
A good experience he thinks.

Del denne siden