15. aug, 2021

Making progress

In April, we got Mister (Mei Alucinor Mr Kate Kaplan) back home. 
We was told that she agitated againts people and dogs with fear, and sometimes aggression. 
We decided to bring her home and have her tested out. 

What we saw was a perfectly normal dog that shown very much interest for both people and dogs. A very normal curiosity and also a lot of eager wanting to play with dogs that we met. 
When takling a walk around th town, she showed curiosity and didn't react in any strange or fearfull way. She did how ever, think that the big dogstaue in front of a building was a bit scary, but, letting her explore the statue in her own pace worked well. 

She was pushed a lot during the first day of testing. I followed a man in the park when he used the leaf blower (that makes a lot of noise!), she looked at me for support, I gave it to her by being a safe leader and passed the man with his blower. And she went from being a bit scared to think "ok - no worries".

When meeting other dogs, I experienced that if I asked for her attention, she would get very alert. Like: "Oh, what's going on, what must I look up for etc". So, just passing other dogs without asking for her attention worked very well. She's passing without any fuss at all. 

Mister do have a very good language. Unfortunately she has not been allowed to learn the language from other dogs. With this I mean that she's been protected from dogs that have groweled at her, or telling her to quit messing etc. i guess she's only been allowed to play with dogs that don't give out warnings. Poor Mister had to learn the hard way how dogs communicate when she moved back in with us. I think that even from space one can see Cruellas language. Even her smallest signs are so clear.
But Mister ...
I almost thought she was a special kind of stupid for a while. But, I recalled how the person she lived with reacted when they visited us and Mys growled at Mister because she got a bit too intense. The person then took Mister on his/hers lap and protected her. I told that this was something he/she should not do. But, why listen? 

And meeting new people. She will first bark, and have her hair on her neck standing. When I tell her to drop the act, she behaves and greats the person. We need to work on how she's greating them, because she's getting so exited and don't want to calm down. But, that's something we can train on. 

Inside the house, she reacted to normal sounds like the TV, the radio, pots and pans falling on the floor etc. She reacted with "fear", seeking towards me to get some reward. But, cold as I am, I just asked her to cut it out and go lie down. It didn't take so many days before the sounds in a normal household was ok. Just as when she lived her as a pup.

Because, she was a very social and outgoing puppy without fear. So when I was told she showed so much fear, I found it strange. And now I understand why. She's been tought to react on things. She's been awarded so so wrong. 

And tabletraining ... *sigh*
Wasn't done according to the contract. Always excuses for not getting Mister used to sand on the table and beeing touched. 
So, on the table, she would not stand, only sit or lie down. 
If I gave the command STAND UP, she would sit down. Making me wondering if she had been tought the wrong commands. 
Well, with a bit of training and not fool around but telling her to behave, she's now standing quite good at the table. 

I'm not sure why things did go the way it did. 
I always tells people that are interested in this breed how they are. That they are very smart. And that they need the proper training. 
In this case, it was very clear about what Mister needed from her person. 

I don't know if the person that Mister lived with tried to prove that he/she knew better than me. Or if he/she was trying to make me give up Mister and not use her for breeding since her beahviour was so "bad". 
I don't know. And I guess I'll never know either. 


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