4. aug, 2021

A sad day

Yesterday was a sad day for me as a breeder.
A puppybuyer said Farewell to a little fella, not more than 9 months old. 

Brownie (Mei ALucinor Vhonkra) was highly leved by his owner and those who knes him. Han he will be deeply missed. 
Unfortunately, he was not as a dog should be.
Ha had something that made him not functional as a normal dog should.

As a breeder, it's a proper defeat when a dog doesn't function as a dog should. You feel so unsuccessful in every way. And you end up going through every single thing you have done. You check the lines. you cheks everything again and again. Where did I go wrong? What could I have done different?

When I plan a litter, I check pedigrees. 
I check health.
I check temper and mentality.
I check as far as I can check. 
i think. 
I take notes. 
I compare notes with my self. 
Over and over again. 
I use the given tools to calculate the health risks.
I try to think where things can go wrong. 
I try to use individes that I think will give good offsprings. 
But, unfortunately, the dogs are living creatures and genetics are some strange things. They don't always do as we like. 
So, things can turn out wrong. 

And this time it did. 

And it hurts. 
It really hurts. 
Not because I didn't get 100% tip top puppy. 
But because I know that there's an owner out there that loved his dog deeply and misses him so so much. 
An owner that hade to take that awful decition to say goodby to his little friend. 
It just breakes my heart.

It also makes me doubt my self as a breeder. 
What could I have done different?

I feel so much for Are and his family and friends that knew little Brownie. 
But I am so greatful that little Vohnkedonk (as I called him) was so much loved and cared for while he was still among us. And greatful that Are took that hard decision to let Brownie cross the Rainbow Bridge <3

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