29. jul, 2021

It's not always that fun being a breeder ...

Sometimes you get that call you don't want to get. 

The one from a puppybuyer, telling you that thing isn't working out. 
I got this call a few months ago. 
A puppy that I have sold that has some issues. Temper issues that is. 
He's showing a behaviour that in my opinion is not acceptable for a dog. 
At lest not for a dog that we want to function in a "normal" household and among people. 
Today I got the second call. 
Things had not become any better ...

The breed is not the most social of breeds, that we know. But, they shall not be agressive.

This one ...
Well, I have been listening to what his owner has told me, and also what a man with years of experience with workingdogs (militarydogs) that has met the dog. 
Based on that, I think this guy has so much built up that to become a functional dog will need so much work and a very very very experienced owner with both time and opportunities to work with him and be able to "protect" the dog from situations that can make him snap. And, unfortunately, I don't think I will find that person. I know that they exists out there, but, they don't usually want these kind of dogs. 

In a perfect world, the perfect person would show up and give this guy the home he needs. 
But, we don't live in a perfect world. 

It's a very sad situation for me as a breeder. 
As a breeder we try doing our best to breed up good dogs, but sometimes it just goes wrong. Even if everything looks great on paper, things can happen. 
And, this time it did ...

It's even worse for the owner of course. 
Because you become so found of theese little dogs. Even if they don't turn out how we wanted them to. They do take a big piece of our hearts.
And I know his owner has done his best for him ❤️
But sometimes, that isn't enough ...

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