19. jul, 2021

Anne With an E

have been at the vet today and had their eyes checked. 
Anne has PPM iris-iris mild
Matthew has PPM iris-iris visible
Gilbert, Marilla ang Jospehine are al Clear. 

On Wednesday, Iridonia will move to her new home. 
On Friday it's Josephines turn to move.
On Saturday or Monday - not sure wich day yet, Devaron will move. He's gotten a new name already: Ludde.

Marilla needs a home where she can use her head. Sent-work would fit her perfectly I think. 
Matthew needs a place where he can learn that working together with people is the most profitable for him. 
Gilbert - well, he's an allrounder with a great amount of charm. I really like him, and must admit that I'm considering to sell him on breedingterms or find a "fórvert" to him. 

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