5. feb, 2021

Why the difference

1 litter, 2 parents, different puppies. 

Why are there so big difference?

When planning a litter, we always look at the good sides of the parents, and the not so good sides with them. 

We want to find a partner that can fulfill and complete what the other dog have and hasn’t.

On papers, the result looks fine. And we have a good idea of what the outcome will be. 

But, DNA is a funny thing. You never know how much a pup will inherit from each parents DNA.

So, in a litter you will se clear similarities between the pups. 

You will see similarities to their parents. 

One may look mora as its mother, the other more like its father. Some may look like a good (or not so good) mix of both parents. 

Of corse we always hope they will look like a good mix of mother and father, that’s why we choose the dogs we do for each combination. But, as mentioned: DNA is a funny thing. 

This also goes with the mentality (and health).

Some inherit more from the mother, some more from the father, some a good (or not so good) combination of them both. 

And even if they are out of the same mother and lives up under the same circumstances and environment, they get their own personality.

So, siblings can be very much a like, and very much different. 

And that’s why we take a PAT (Puppy Aptitude Test) when our pups are 7 weeks old. 

Of corse we learn to see and know our puppies very well, but we don’t see them as an unknown (for the puppies) person will do when he/she has the puppies one on one in an unknown (for the puppies) environment. 

Sometimes there are no surprises, other times you can be surprised of some puppies and how they react and acts when with unknown person in unknown environment. 

And for us as a breeder, that is a very useful tool when we are choosing the homes for each puppy. 

So, why is it like this, that puppies in the same litter sometimes comes out very different in all ways?

I read a simple but very good explanation on that. 

I think it was so good that I «stole» it from the one who wrote it: Rob Thornhill

«Let’s pretend …

Dam is a sack of corn.

Father is a sack of sunflowers.

Pour each sack into a big tub and stir it up thoroughly.

Now you’re going to take a big scoop and dip out 8 portions and pour them out in separate piles.

Each portion represents a new puppy from the breeding. 

Count the numbers of corn and sunflower kernels/seeds in each pile. They will not be the same for any 2 piles. 

That’s kinda how DNA works.»

(That's also why each pup comes out with a different COI)

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