2. des, 2017

7 weeks

Time flies. 
The little boys are 7 weeks old allready. 
Soon they are ready to leav to their forever homes. 
The day the puppies leave, is a strange day I hate to see them go, but yet I love to think that they will live in their own family, be a comapnion and a furry friend. And as I call the LH: A lucky pill ❤

Yesterday we were at the vet for chip, shot and health control.
Everything is fine. 
Their weight for today is as follows:
AK - 2kg
RW - 1,87kg
NR - 1,82kg
MS- 1,61kg

Monday a friend of mine will come and have a puppy test.
Tuesday they will have their eyes examened. 

They are a bunch of joy and fun, my 4 boys. 
They love to explore, to taste and play. And when they get a bit tiered, they crawls up in the couch to cuddle. 

I have to mention Maffe. 
She's been such a great big sister for the boys. 
She plays with them, teaches them, washes them and comforts them if Cruella barks at them when they don't behave. 
I'm so proud of my girl ❤
And Cruella has, like last time, been an excellent mother. 

I have made my descision about who to keep. Mei Alucinor Alex Karev is my choice. Now we need to find the perfect active home for him.

Since I also love Webber, I have decided that he will stay with me until now. I want to see how he developes and probably look for a co-owner if I decide to keep him as well. 

I still have one boy available for sale. 

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