9. sep, 2017

Not been the best to update

But so far this year Maffe has been shown two times as youth. She became BOS with CAC at the first show. At the second show she got Good because the judge didn't get to examine her at the table. She has had a bad experience with a male veterinarien and just hate standing on the table if there's a man present. So, will be showing for female judges in the future until Maffe is comfortable on with standing on the table beeing examened by a man. 

At the beginning of this month Bella moved to a new home. 
She's now living with another Bernese Hound and two Beagles. She will be trained and used for hunting. 

Sad news about Sàvve (Mei Alucinor Madame Medusa), she's no longer with us after beeing hit by a car and died. 

I promise I will get back to you with more news in a week or two, or three :-)

Del denne siden