24. feb, 2016

Soon they are gone ...

7 weeks and 3 days old.

4 cuties that have crawled under my skin and taken a big place in my heart.

I have had litters before, but none of them have been so special as this one. I think one of the reasons is that they are after Cruella and Mio. Another reason I think, is because they have been among us all the time. They are only locked in when I take the grown ups outside.

As they have grown, I have learned a lot about their personality, and I must say I got it right from the start. Very early I picked MM - Sàvve as the toughest one. And, she was the first to open her eyes, the first to explore the "world".

LT - Trulte is the shy one. She sure got her opinions, but, she needs a second more than her sisters to find out that everything is ok.

QG - my little beauty. She's something in the middle of them all. She expresses her self in the sweetest way. When I talk to her, she showes pure happiness.

Maleficent - the one who's staying. The first one (and so far the only one) to get her ears up (she was 6 weeks). She was also the first to tell me that she wanted to be picked up. And the first one after three weeks old, to fall asleep in my arms. She's the one that every night is the first to tell me that she wants up in the bed. She's the one that wants to sleep close to me. She's also a though little one, if Sàvve goes there, so will she. Not that confident as her sister, but pretty close.

Soon three of them will leave to their new homes. 

It makes me sad, but, I know I have chosen good homes for them. But it will sure be sad to see them leave ...

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