17. feb, 2016

6 weeks

6 weeks has passed in a rush. Time flies when you're having fun, that's for sure. Today it's only 15 days left before 2 of them are leaving for their new homes. QG will be picked up the day after. 

Think the ones who's looking forward to that is the boys. Solo is not at all found of the puppies. Mio can play a litte with them, but then he want's to be left alone.

Cruella has been a wonderful mother to them. The birth went so fast and stressless. And I just love to watch her take care of them and teaching them what's ok and not. I do wish she would have thought them that playing in the middle of the night is not that ok, but no, she joins them instead.

Madame Medusa will be called Sàvve. She will live together with another LH, a Corgi and a Lapsk Vallhund.

Lady Tremaine is also live with another LH. An older lady named Molly.

Queen Grimhilde will spend her days together with a Vestgøtaspets, a lot of cows, sheep, donkeys and lamas.

Maleficent will be kept by the kennel. Not sure where she will live yet, we are looking for a co-owner, but it's not that easy to find the perfect one.

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