30. jan, 2016

Choosing a puppy

To choose a puppy from a litter is seldom easy. Oh yes, I have done it in the past, chosen the best Rottweiler pup in the litter, nearly right afer they were born. But, I have never had a LH litter before, and ther's something with this litter that just doesn't make the choice easy. 

I knew instantly when one puppy buyer said what she wanted in a pup that Madame Medusa was the right one. She wasn't given that name at the time, I gave the future owner three choices, and Madame Medusa was the choice. And it fits her. A chubby little villainess she is. Always ready for action and with a lot of sound in her. Growling and barking. She even picks a fight with her mother when her sisters have gone to sleep. 

Then it's Lady Tremaine. She's the fluffy one. The sweet one. She's a genlte little pup. Well, mostly gentle. She has her moments with sharp teeth and a playfull look in her eyes. She's the fluffy black and tan little girl. 

And then there are Maleficent and Queen Grimhilde. 
Who's who?
I don't know yet. 
I have my favorite, the first born. 
But, I'm in doubt. 
Is she the right one?
Shall I follow my heart or mye head?
Shall I chooce the best looking?
Shall I choose the one that makes my heart beat a little bit faster?
Not an easy choice. 
But, they are only 4 weeks old. 
I'll give it 2 more weeks. 
By then I think I have made the right decision.
I think ...

I must admit one thing: I would like to keep them all!
That have never happened to me before. 
Why it's like this now, I can only guess; Their parents. 
Mio and Cruella means the world to me. And their offsprings are so precious to me so it will be hard to see them leave. I know they all will have great homes, but still ...

Del denne siden