22. jan, 2016

The puppies are doing fine

They are now sonn 3 weeks old. Getting bigger every day. And more beautiful.
They have all opened their eyes and have started to play with each other, Damien and me. I guess that next week will be full of action as they have started to explore the world outside their carpet. 

I'm still not sure which one we're going to keep for furture breeding. One of the liver ones I think, but have to wait and see how they evolve before beeing sure. 

Madame Medusa is the one htat's been first to open her eyes and be lively. And she's the biggest of them. I think she will do fine far north in Norway. She's going to live with another LH, a Corgie and a Finish Lapphund. 

The two others, one black and one liver, I'm not sure where they will live. Have not announced the puppies for sale yet, and have turned down some who wanted to buy. TO be honest, I wish I could keep them all. 

Del denne siden