8. sep, 2015

Solo's been to the dentist today

This because the lack of teeth. I was told it was only 4, but on Sunday a vet at EDS looked at him and found that he was missing one more. So, today we went to the vet to have his teeth fully checked. The result: 9 teeth is missing. 

I'm going to have his jaw x-rayed to see if they really are missing or if they just havn't come up. Because if they are still in his jaw, he will need an operation. 

It's a shame, because he's got a lot of good quality that I have been told that we could use in our breed. He's got the right coat, his taileset is good, his topline is good and he's got a very good temper. 

But, it was not just ment to be. 

Luckilly he's the perfect pet for his young master Damien.

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