5. jul, 2015

The end of a shitty week

This has been a shitty week. 
Anette told me that Dill was limping. 
He was supposed to just have a patella check. But, when we came to know some more about his lines on his mothers side, Anette suggested that we had an full x-ray of him. 
I hoped for "only" a patella status, but it was so much worse. 

His x-rays shows  D/E on his right side and B/C with calcification on his left side (unofficial)
The x-rays also showed that he had Short Ulna Syndrome.

For me, that excluded Dill from breeding. 
For me that meens turning Dil over to his co-owner Anette. 

Knowing that Anette wanted to use Dill in agility and obedience. knowing that her dreams will not come true. That sucks!

It really sucks as a owner and breeder, to turn over such a dog to someone that had so much ambittion for. 

Anette is the person Dill has lived with since he arrived to Norway. 
She was the perfeckt co-owner. 
And, the perfect person for Dill to live with. 
I wish I could turn over a dog wich "only" had patella. Or Even "only" HD. Or "only" SUS. Then it could have been fixed with an operation. With Dill, it's both HD and SUS. He's too old for SUS operation. And operating him for HD is not something you do considering that he's got SUS.

But, I know that Anette will take the right decisions for Dill. 
And I am so greatful to have met Anette and that she wanted to be Dills co-owner. He couldn't have ended up in a better home.


As a breeder you buy puppies with a hope that it will be the "perfect" dog to breed of.
Well ...  You never know how a puppy will turn out. You might buy a pup that's not suitable for shows or breeding. If you want to be sure that you are buying a "perfet" dog for show and breeding, you must buy a dog that has been showed with good results and has been giving good puppies. Otherwise, you'll never know.

But, one hopes that it will turn out healthy. One hopes that breeders choose to consider any health issues when they breed. 

Luckilly breeders of Lancashire Heelers tests their dogs for PLL and Patella Luxation. But, maybe one should consider to check for more? Knowing that there are SUS in the breed. Knowing that there are HD in the breed. Knowing that there are a lot of health problems in the breed that moste don't check for and if one of their dogs gets it, "it's not that dangerous and we don't need to talk about it ..."

One can say that the breed don't have trouble with HD. But what do we know? How many dogs are beeing x-rayed for it?
And what about SUS?
Where one of the symptomes are bowelegged frontlegs. And there are a lot of heelers wich are bowlegged ...

It's not that expencive to take an x-ray of the elbowes and hips of your dog before breeding out of it. Even if you're not thinking of using your dog in breeding, have it checked. And let the breeder know what the results are. It helps us in our breeding. It helps us to consider wich dogs to use and wich not to use in breeding. Because, what we want is to improove the breed. We don't do that if we stick our heads in the sand and thinks the only problem is PLL and Patella Lux. 

And please please please share your dogs healt status. Don't keep it a secret. By keeping it a secret, there's a risk that owner of the brothers and sisters of your dog chooses to breed from them, not knowing that your dog have health issues.

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