29. jun, 2015

Sad news about Dill

Then the x-ray of Dill is finished. And so is my dream to use him in breeding as well. And Anette's dream of having him as an agility and obedience dog. 

But, the veterinarian thinks his limping is caused by HD. 

The x-ray also shows that Dill has got Short Ulna Syndrome (SUS). For those of you who don't know what this is, I have copied a short and simple description of what it is.  

"Imagine your forearm , where you have two long bones, Ulna and Radius. In Short Ulna Syndrome the Ulna grows slower than the Radius, creating tension in the elbow. Short Ulna Syndrome is one of several Elbow Dysplasia conditions for canines.

Short Ulna Syndrome is most common in dogs where they typically breed for as short legs as possible, for instance Dachshund, Basset, Welsh Corgi and the like. It is very rare that this occurs at Welsh Springer Spaniel .

Short Ulna Syndrome is inherited, but can also occur as a result of damage to the puppy.


Limp directly AFTER play/physical activity
Poor motoric skills


From Henning Sund's blogg

The grade of HD is not yet set. I will send the pictures to a friend of mine later today. 

If there are anyone that have pictures of heelers with HD D or E, I would appreciate if you would share them with me. 

Del denne siden