25. feb, 2015

Just some updates

Damien has been attending a puppyclass with Solo. They are doing so good and work so well together. Today is the last day of the class, but Damien want to take some more classes. His dream (right now) is to train Solo in Agility. I think they will make a great team.

Regarding shows I have plans to show all 4 for Mrs Liz Cartledge at EDS2015.

I also want to go to Netherland for their show (it's the weekend after EDS). If I go, I will bring all 4, ofcourse. But, not sure if I will manage it, but I hope I will.

I had plans for NKK Bergen this year, but why travel 8 houres when I can travel 1 houre to try to get Mio to champion? Waste of time and money. 

Del denne siden