11. jan, 2015

New Year

Now we have entered 2015 and the family have got a new member: Han Solo. You can find his page here.

I have planned a few shows this year, first is in Langesund upcomming weekend. It wil be Solo's first show. I hope that Damien wil show him, he's getting very good at showing the dogs here at home.

Then it will be a show in April and the plan is to enter all four dogs at EDS2015 where Liz Cartledge will be the judge of the breed. Maybe Solo will attend in a few puppyshows during the year, he needs the training before EDS.

I also hope that I can take the trip to Netherland and the Club Show this year. It would be fun to show all four there, and meet old and new heeler-friends. I do, how ever, need a car that can make it there and back again. And it would be nice to have a travelling partner. Annette, do you feel Netherland calling for you?

I hope to get the last CC for Mio this year, so he can get the title Norwegian Champion. With any luck, mybe Cruella will get the title this year as well. She only need a CC after turning 2 years. But why be modest? Maybe we'll get Dill to champion too. Maybe he'll start in obedience as well this year.

On the 9'th of January, Kennel Star Du Nord got 11 Beauceron puppies. They are after Fram De La Noe D'Orient and Fame De Mont Des Croisettes. 7 harlequin and 4 black/tan. I know both parents and puppies from the same combination (born 2013), they are all really lovely dogs.



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