4. apr, 2014

Eggs for breakfast

Some days I give the dogs a hardboiled frozen egg. They loves it, and before they eats it, they plays with it for a while. So, entertainment and food, all in one egg 😉

Tuesday Cruella was going to the vet, removing her canine tooths. Well, during night she had lost one of the teeths, and Christine sent me a message that the vet was sick. So, the next plan was to remove the last one today, but we decided to wait. No use in spending money if it's not nessesary. And, now the las canine tooth is very loose, and I think it will fall out during the day. 


This week we've been taking a few walks to my mother. It's a 5 km walk along the road where we have to walk past a lot of noisy stuff, we have to cross Særpefossen wich sometimes makes a lot of nois as well. Especially if the train pass us. I was wondering how Cruella would take it when the train passed us, but all she did was to rais her head, look at Mio and me, since we did'nt care, she just shaked her body and kept going. 


This weekend it's NKK show in Bergen, and I whis I had entered Mio, because Bergen at this time of year is fantastic. And it's been some yeras since I was there just on holiday. But, ther's allways next year 🙂


Best of luck to all of you that are showing your dogs this weekend. Especially to Tanya who's showing her four LH's and her beautiful Toller.


Wishing you all a grat weekend 😀

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