28. mar, 2014

Not that much is happening

I entered both dogs to the Eastershow, but, unfortunately it's canceled.
I also entered Cruella for the show this weekend, but after the trip to London, I'll stay at home, taking some long walks in the nice weather and just relax with the dogs.

When I was away, Mio was at Lund Hundepensjonat . I just have to say that it's an amazing place for dogs, and the owners of kennel are very nice. They train seeing eye dogs.


Cruella stayed at Christine and her family. She's had a great time playing with another LH; Ludde. Christine's daughter gave Cruella a pacifier which she loves to carry around. 


On Wednesday, Cruella will have her canine tooths because they arn't falling out of their own. This will be done at Tam Dyreklinikk, Borg, where Christine works.


I'm so proud of Anette and Dill. They are a great couple, and Dill knows a lot of stuff allready. He has also started his tracking carrier, and judging on the film of him tracking, he did a great job. I know I could'nt have chosen a better place for Dill to stay. And I'm so glad that I decided to buy him as well as Cruella. So thank you Trudy and Dick, for letting me buy theese two wonderful dogs ❤
And thank you Anette, for wanting a LH that much that I decided to buy Dill and letting him stay with you and your family ❤


Furture plans?
Not that many. Taking things as it comes. No stress or no chasing titles.


I know that some of you are wondering what has happened since Jadis is no longer listed as one of the dogs. I'll be happy to answer every question about it, just send me an e-mail or a PM at Facebook 🙂

Del denne siden