25. feb, 2014

Some update

Today Cruella has been with us for 23 days. 

She's the most wonderful little girl, so full of joy and happiness. She's very easy to read, and she gives cler signs when she want's to go outside. If it is in the middle of the night, she jumps on to my chest and wakes me up. Clever little girl of mine.

Today Dill (Dylan) has been with Anette and her family for 12 days. It looks like it's going great, and that he's found his way into their hearts. He's allready learning obedience, and later he will learn agility. I'm very pleased with my chois of home for him.

I made some plans at the beginning of the year, but, I've allready dropped to shows, and are dropping the two puppyshows that Cruella was going to attend the next weekend. So, Cruellas debut will be at the end of March. 

I'm not that good to update the homepage with pictures. I put most of them at my Facebook page, but I'll try to put in some new pictures now and them. 

Del denne siden