11. feb, 2014


Today Cruella has been on Norwegian ground for 9 days. She's doing just fine, and I really love this little brown girl. 

It was on the 31 of January that I first met my little girl. Dick picked up Damien an me at the airport, drove us to the B6B and then home to Trudi and him for dinner, and too meet the Heeler Gang. I just loved the whole bunch.

I also had the pleasure to meet Wendy and her family, including Birdie who is Dylans sister., and Bogey, her brown male from Frida.

We also met Dylan, who's traveling to Norway today. I will pick him up at the airport later this evening, and on Thursday he will be piced up by Anette.

Cruella has already been to a show in Norway. Just as an audience, and she did well. 

Tomorrow I'm taking both Cruella and Dylan to the vet. Have to have the right papers for the insurance. 

Del denne siden