27. des, 2013

Soon 2013 is over

It has been a good year with the dogs. Jadis have had a litter and she did a very good job as a mother. The bitch, Emma, is living in Tromsø. De9ro is living with Anna in Finland.

Sunday the 29'th of December, Mio will attend this years last dogshow; Romjulsutstillingen.

I'm so looking forward to 2014 and the new member of our little family. I've been so lucky to get the most wonderful breeders who has let me follow my puppy even before she was born. She allready had a name before she was born. I got updates during the birth, and after the second bitche was born, we could say Welcome to the world, Lines new pup. But, she wasn't born yet, 'cause, mine was the last to arrive. A liver/tan bitch <3

I will soon update the homepage with her pedegree and ofcourse a lot of pictures.

A lot of hugs to all of my friends. Especially to you who have lost your dear ones ❤

Del denne siden