30. jul, 2013

Trondheim, Vaaler and Moss

Very Good in Trondheim, judge Marit Sunde
BOB and CC x 2 at Vaaler, judges Annamaria Tarján and Malgorzata Supronowicz
BOB and CC at Moss, judge Diogo Ramalho

Still waiting for Jadis to get in heat. She's showing no signs, other than that she's peeing a bit more all over when we are outeside. And, if it's the same at last time, it's suddenly here, her heat that is.

Today it's only 20 days til Mio is turning 1 year. 

Future plans for the rest of the year is NKK at Bjerke, Oslo. And Dogs4All in November. I guess I'll take the trip to Letohallen in December as well.

Del denne siden