6. mai, 2013

New webpage

Sometimes things goes very wrong, and so it did today when I accidentally deleted my old homepage. Hours and hours of info about the breed and health, info about velping and a lot of pictures just went down in the drain. Well, nothing to do about that, and can't sit and cry for hours either, so then I'm starting up again. But I think this one will be very simple, with pedigrees, pictures, show results and future plans.

Jadis ended her carrier as a showdog in March. Mio's carrier will soon start. HIs first show as a Junior will be at The Norwegian Kennel Clubs (NKK) show in Drammen 1-2.6.13
Then he will be attending at The Sweedish Lancashire Heeler Clubs Special in Eskilstuna the 20th of July.
In August he will attend at NKK Bjerke the 25th.

He has attended at 4 puppyshows and gotten BOB every time.

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