From Feruary 1st 2021, Damien is a part of Kennel Mei Alucinor. 

My name is Line and I was born in 1972. 
I live in Østfold, Norway together with my son, who is born in 2003, and five heelers.

Dogs have always been a great part of my life, and I have been working active with dogs since I was 12, starting by training a German Shepherd in obedience. Later I took some corses and ended up as a dogtrainer. I have also been working with so called problemdogs that their owners gave up on.  After they funktioned as "normal" dogs, I rehomed them. At the same time I bred Rottweilers, but after my last litter in 2009 I decided to get to know another breed. In 2010 I got to know the Lancashire Heeler, and, after Jadis came into my life. Since then, I'v been stuck with the breed.

I have a huge interest in genetics (I have also study it) - especially color genetics, and I try to be updated when it comes to hereditary diseases in the breed and in dogs in general. I also like to study pedigrees. 

Damien is an important part for the kennel. He's training and handling our dogs. He's been handling Webs and Mys at shows. Damien has his own plans for the future with dogs, and from February 1st 2021, he will be co-owner in the Kennel. He will also have his first litter in 2021. I'm very proud of him, and he's always helpful with the dogs and litters we have. 

We at Kennel Mei Alucinor only make combinations that we think is so good that we would keep a pup from the litter. So far, ww have kept 1 bitch and 1 male, sold 1 male on breedingterms and 1 bitch wich we have the rights to 1 litter. 

From our Grey's Anatomy litter (2017), we exported a male (Mei Alucinor Alex Karev) to Czech Republic. He then became the first LH there, and now he's the father of the first litter of LH born there. Our lines is also found in Sweden, Finland and France.

Kennel Mei Alucinor are a member of NKK (The Norwegian Kennel Club) and SLHK (The Swedish Lancashire Heeler Club) and follows their rules when it comes to breeding. 

Buying a puppy from us

When you buy a puppy from Kennel Mei Alucinor, you will buy a puppy wich parents are clinikal healty and have the proper health checks for the breed. 
The puppies will be registered in the Norwegian Kennel Club.
They will have gotten their first vaccination. 
They will have been eyescreened.
And they will be sold with a health certificate no older than 10 days. 
They will also have a PAT (Volhards Puppy Aptitude Test) when they are 7 weeks.
The puppies you buy from us will have met other dogs, being taken to pet stores to meet other people and they will also have been taken on car-trips. 

When you contact us about buying a puppy, we will send you some questions for you to answer. We also want you to describe what kind of dog you want. With this we mean what temper, social skills, attitude etc.
This so we can find the best match for you among our puppies. 
We as breeders will pick the puppy that we think matches you and what you want the best. So, if you look at the pictures and fall in love with one of them, it's not sure that this will be the puppy that fits the best for you and your family. Of corse we will listen to your wishes, but the final decision will not be taken before after the PAT has been done.

We also do belive that knowledge is the best way to take the best decisions for futhure breeding work, so we strive to learn more about bloodlines, genetics and mentality. 

We recommend our puppybuyers to join their local dog club.

Why I do PAT

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